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About Us

We are Duetto, an innovative company that has been working for more than two decades with nanobiotechnology and now, through the Nanovec ® brand, brings the agricultural field a new concept in plant nutrition.

We are guided by the principles of sustainability, ecological concern and economic growth, offering solutions with high added value to our partners.

The excellent results obtained in the most varied cultures and across all continents, through global companies, attest to our technological excellence.

Our business strategy aims to strengthen the market position of our partners by providing them with uniquely developed technologies and solutions.

We exist to:

Increase the productivity of major agricultural crops in an intelligent and environment friendly way through innovative technologies.

Our Goal:

To be a global reference in the formulation of innovative technologies and solutions for plant nutrition of the most varied crops.

What drives us:

Seriousness, boldness, curiosity, innovation, and ethics associated with a deep desire for the evolution and satisfaction of our partners.