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Our solutions

Based on the most advanced Nanotechnology for rapid absorption, Nanovec products do not present any type of chemical incompatibility with other possible components of slurries, both for seed treatment and foliar spraying with insecticides, fungicides or adjuvants.

All of our formulations have liquid form, neutral pH,  low salinity and great dispersibility, which prevents common problems such as phytotoxicity, clogging of nozzles or deposits at the bottom of tanks.

Thanks to the fast and total absorption of the nutrients, the quantities used are much smaller than those of common market products, which also reduces costs for the producer, always resulting in higher yields.

For the field

Seed nutrition

Foliar Fertilization

High performance compositions, for application via IST or “on farm”, on seeds of the main crops such as soybeans, corn and wheat, in dosages that can vary from 0.5 ml to 2.0 ml / kg of seeds according to the application and the crop. Total compatibility with the inoculants, better germination, greater root formation and initial plant development are some of the benefits obtained.

Differentiated development, resistance to water stress, heavier grains and finally higher yields are the main benefits obtained by applying our unique technology that stimulates the physiological processes of the crops either in the vegetative or reproductive stage. Special formulations can also be used for precision farming , increasing absorption of target nutrients in an optimized way.


Increased rooting rate, even for the most difficult varieties, with better formation of root structures and the whole plant, are the main benefits obtained in the nurseries.

Consistent vegetative development, less stress and greater resistence to lack of water,  are some of  the advantages of using our technology.

For Industry

We offer biostimulant compositions, elicitors, mineral and organic nutrients, supplied separately for the formulation of high technology products that aim for maximum performance, with lower dosage and low environmental impact.

We offer to industrial formulators ingredients such as:

Elicitors and inducers of hormones and resistance

Natural biostimulants

Complexes of the most varied minerals.


Special compositions for specific physiological needs

Using our unique high absorption nanotechnology, we create formulations that are absorbed by plants within minutes, presenting low phytotoxicity and high agronomic efficiency.

We offer intermediate packages with specific physiological actions, such as increased root production, resistance to water stress, or acceleration of vegetative growth for the composition of finished products.

Besides the development of exclusive compositions for interested companies, our technical team is at your disposal for the necessary support for the development or eventual adjustments in the desired final products.

We deliver Technology